Reconstructions as fundamental methods

This project starts from an interest in how humans relate to their bodies. As a population, we are influenced each time by the environment and the period in which we live. How are we connected to norms prevailing at the time?

Visual society has a great influence on how we see the world and how we see ourselves. Today, the media is full of idealised images that are gradually becoming a measure of the ordinary.

'Reconstructions as fundamental methods' covers a wide range of imagery, picking from diverse sources and offering new imagery as an attempt to come to grips with an evolving handling of images.

The diversity of photographic approaches originates from a fascination with imaging across different periods.  Primarily as a means of communication and as a source of information.  But also the identification of possible problems and the possible provision of solutions in the medical, cosmetic and scientific world are important starting points throughout the project.

Since the inception of photography, the photographic medium has been eagerly used as a means of transmitting information, but also as a means of directing and influencing.

The maker roots and attempts to investigate and analyse.

The same question remains the same every time: how does the viewer read images?  Because accepting a picture as a picture, neutrally, impartially and without passing judgement - that is not easy.


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